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Saturday, October 25

11:00 am Check in opens
Brooks Computer Science Building Lobby — Register to receive your t-shirt and #swag. Parking is available at Venable Lot and Nash Lot.
11:00 am Career fair
Sitterson Hall Lobby — Meet our sponsors and get swag during the career fair (11:00 am-3:00 pm).
11:30 am Lunch with sponsors
Sitterson Hall Lobby — Enjoy a tasty lunch while meeting our sponsors.
12:30 pm Opening ceremony
Carroll Hall 111 — Get pumped up and find out about prizes, workshops, APIs, and other fun things!
1:30 pm Let the hacking begin
Hacking spaces available in:
  • Sitterson 014, 011, 115
  • Brooks 007, 008
  • Phillips Hall 206, 208, 273, 275
Hardware checkout at front desk in Sitterson Lobby
1:30 pm Career fair continues
If you missed talking to sponsors or getting swag from earlier, now's your chance. Companies will be in the Sitterson Lobby until 3:00pm.
2:00 pm HackVR

Hack with the virtual reality pros

Brooks 009 — Jason, Sharif, and Luv

Come get started on your virtual reality Hacks and learn about VR development. We'll have Oculus Rift DK2s available for hacking on at the talk. Please download the free trial version of Unity Pro for this workshop. Useful links for downloading and getting started for the talk:

3:00 pm Microsoft — Analytics Web APIs Workshop

Building Restful Analytics APIs in the Cloud with C#

Brooks 009 — Nathaniel Von Sprecken, Software Engineer, David Crook, Technical Evangelist

How to build Web API and analyze data using Machine Learning in Azure! This is a hands on follow along workshop. Bring your laptops and Azure Free trial. We are going to build a GET call that will analyze the US Census Data and returns a prediction of how much money a person will earn based on variables that exist in the data model. We will then publish that restful service live to the web.

4:00 pm Google — Mesa Tech Talk

Mesa: Geo-Replicated, Near Real-Time, Scalable Data Warehousing

Brooks 009 — Ankur Agiwal - Senior Software Engineer

Mesa is a highly scalable analytic data warehousing system that stores critical measurement data related to Google's Internet advertising business. Mesa is designed to satisfy a complex and challenging set of user and systems requirements, including near real-time data ingestion and queryability, as well as high availability, reliability, fault tolerance, and scalability for large data and query volumes.

Specifically, Mesa handles petabytes of data, processes millions of row updates per second, and serves billions of queries that fetch trillions of rows per day. Mesa is geo-replicated across multiple datacenters and provides consistent and repeatable query answers at low latency, even when an entire datacenter fails.

5:00 pm Square — Technical interviewing

Tips and tricks from the other side of the table

Brooks 009 — Kat Hawthorne

Kat is an engineering generalist on the External Platforms team at Square. She is a North Carolina native and graduated with her undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Science, and Chemistry from the University of North Carolina in 2013. Kat can frequently be found geeking out over electronic music, neuroscience, and art. Sometimes at the same time.

6:00 pm Square dinner for the ladies
Brooks 009 — Women in computer science (WiCS) event: get a square meal and talk with Square.
6:00 pm Dinner
Brooks lobby — Enjoy free food.
7:00 pm EMC tech talk
Brooks 009 — Learn about EMC and how they do it.
8:00 pm Video game tournaments
Sitterson Lobby — Take a break from hacking and play games.

Sunday, October 26

12:00 am Special Event
Shhh can't tell you yet.
1:00 am Nap room opens
Brooks 9 — Bring a sleeping bag/blanket and pillow.
7:00 am Breakfast
Brooks lobby — Start your day off with a well-balanced meal!
11:30 am Lunch
Brooks lobby — Finish up your projects and enjoy lunch with a special guest, Cheerwine! Mmmm
12:00 pm Hacking ends
Everywhere — Submit your projects online before 12:00pm.
12:45 pm Expo
Sitterson Lobby — Show off your hard work and see what others made. Presentations run from 12:30-1:45pm
2:30 pm Closing ceremony
Carroll Hall 111 — Prizes awarded to the best projects.
4:00 pm Time to go... :(
Bye, bye. Buses will leave around 4:30pm.