What's on the menu?

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Lunch Artisan Pizza Kitchen

We are starting you off with an old Hackathon mainstay. Call us cheesy, but we couldn’t resist.

Dinner The Q Shack

You can’t come to NC without a heaping plate of our famous BBQ! Enjoy what Southerners do best: gorge yourself.

Midnight snack Insomnia Cookies

Got the Munchies? Us too. Chow down on some tasty cookies with us at night.

Breakfast Continental Breakfast

That’s right. All the Continents.

Lunch Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe

You better hurry if you want some of this curry! Just kidding we will have plenty of chicken, butternut squash stew, lentils and rice with onions on top, and a big salad or sauteed green beans, with condiments. Yummmm.