October 25-26   UNC - Chapel Hill

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What is HackNC?

HackNC is a hackathon for university students to create big things in a small amount of time - 24 hours between October 25th and 26th. Your skill as a programmer, team member, and planner will be tested as you work to create anything from websites, to apps, to games, to hardware. Along the way you will have access to food, internet, swag, mentors, and anything else you need to succeed. In the end, the best projects will be awarded prizes!

If you are looking for something different from the typical hackathon, HackNC has something for you too. Throughout the entire event there will be hands-on demos, lectures, and tutorials from sponsors, professionals, and professors that range from introductory concepts to the latest groundbreaking research. And unlike most other hackathons, HackNC is not only for advanced programmers at the university level. If you are a high school student, college student, or local professional who is interested in learning all the ints and outs of computer science, the introductory lessons are for you.

So bring your curiosity and creativity and be ready to do something new at HackNC!


Fall 2014

Interested in sponsoring the event? Contact us!


Can I attend? High school, undergraduate, and graduate students are welcome to hack. Professionals are welcome to join as mentors, sponsors, or attend the lectures.
What's going to happen? A 24 hour period of hacking during which you will become a better programmer, meet new people, and make cool stuff. You'll have the chance to learn a lot and get loads of free stuff!
What about my team? Be yourself; sign up as an individual! You can create your team with whoever you like once you arrive.
What can we hack? HackNC is both a software and hardware hackathon. Code for web, mobile, desktop, and hack away at hardware to your heart's content.
Can we build off existing code? The purpose of the event is to see what you can do in the time you're given. You can use all the APIs you want but the code you will be judged on must be new.
Will there be food? Don’t worry. We’ll provide five full meals throughout the hackathon and there will be plenty of snacks in between. You won’t be hungry.
What about sleep? Traditionally, sleep at hackathons comes in the form of a blanket and pillow. There will be a room designated for sleeping during Saturday night if you get tired. If you'd prefer a hotel room, the Carolina Inn is only 200 feet away (although very expensive).
What hardware will be provided? We will have Myos, Arduinos, Pebbles, and lots more... Maybe even 3D printing and an Oculus Rift.
Do I need a computer? If you plan on hacking, bring your laptop (or desktop + monitor + mouse + keyboard if you really want to).
Will there be travel reimbursements? Email us for answers about travel reimbursements. We can only guarantee so many.
What are the admission requirements? Anyone can attend HackNC. There are no admission requirements. The only limitation is the amount of food we can serve in 24 hours.
What else? We will have a video game lounge, tons of mentors, info-sessions, a hardware lab, free swag, and anything else you could possibly dream of...
What about...? Email us with any of your questions.